265 Sunlite Atom Lightspeed

265 Sunlite Atom Lightspeed

Product SKU: KIT-265_SN_1ALT

Riedell 265 premium leather boot. Sunlite Zytel nylon plates (lifetime guarantee and choose your colors), Answer 62mm X 40mm Litespeed wheels, Bones -Redz- bearings, Gripper toe stops.

Mens Black Sizes  4-14 


This product priced per pair.

Riedell 265 Boots

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Sunlite Plates

01BlackOut of StockNot Available Online.
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Sized to FitBlackIn Stock
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RC Sunlite Cross Bar

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Sized to FitIn Stock

Sunlite Trucks Complete - 8mm

In Stock

Atom LiteSpeed Wheels


Bones Reds Bearings

7MMIn Stock
8MMIn Stock

Gripper Toe Stops

BlackIn Stock889573013972
BlueIn Stock889573013903
GreenIn Stock889573013910
OrangeIn Stock889573013927
PinkIn Stock889573013934
PurpleIn Stock889573013941
RedIn Stock889573013958
WhiteIn Stock889573013965
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Riedell 265 Boots
Sunlite Plates
RC Sunlite Cross Bar
Atom LiteSpeed Wheels
Bones Reds Bearings
Gripper Toe Stops
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