Vanilla Freestyle Probe Fly

Vanilla Freestyle Probe Fly


Freestyle Probe SuperFly 

Boot: Vanilla Freestyle     $369.00
Plate: Sure-Grip Probe
Wheels: Cosmic SuperFly
Bearings: RC ABEC-7
Toe Stops: ROCK Jam Plugs
Available in black (4-13), white (4-13)
These skates are in men’s sizes.  Ladies, please go down one size for the best fit.


This product priced per pair.

VNLA Freestyle Boots

04BlackIn Stock889573004581
04WhiteOut of Stock889573004789
05BlackLimited Availability889573004598
05WhiteIn Stock889573004796
06BlackIn Stock889573004604
06WhiteIn Stock889573004802
07BlackLimited Availability889573004611
07WhiteIn Stock889573004819
07.5BlackOut of Stock889573005014
08BlackIn Stock889573004628
08WhiteIn Stock889573004826
08.5BlackLimited Availability889573005021
09BlackIn Stock889573004635
09WhiteIn Stock889573004833
09.5BlackLimited Availability889573005038
10BlackIn Stock889573004642
10WhiteIn Stock889573004840
10.5BlackLimited Availability889573005045
11BlackIn Stock889573004659
11WhiteIn Stock889573004857
12BlackIn Stock889573004666
12WhiteIn Stock889573004864
13BlackIn Stock889573004673
13WhiteIn Stock889573004871

Sure-Grip Probe Plates

01BlackIn Stock
01OrangeOut of StockNot Available Online.
02BlackIn Stock
02OrangeOut of StockNot Available Online.
02WhiteIn StockNot Available Online. Item Discontinued.
03BlackIn Stock
03OrangeIn StockNot Available Online.
04BlackOut of Stock
04OrangeIn StockNot Available Online.
05BlackOut of Stock
05OrangeIn StockNot Available Online.
05WhiteIn StockItem Discontinued.
06BlackOut of Stock
06OrangeIn StockNot Available Online.
07BlackOut of Stock
07OrangeIn StockNot Available Online.
08BlackOut of Stock
08OrangeOut of StockNot Available Online.
09BlackOut of Stock
09OrangeOut of StockNot Available Online.
Sized to FitBlackIn Stock
Sized to FitOrangeIn Stock
Sized to FitWhiteIn StockItem Discontinued.

Sure-Grip Probe Trucks

7MMIn Stock
8MMIn Stock

Cosmic SuperFly Speed Wheels

62MM x 42MMBlack90AOut of Stock889573000279
62MM x 42MMBlue90AIn Stock889573000286
62MM x 42MMGreen90AIn Stock889573000293
62MM x 42MMOrange90AOut of StockNot Available Online. 889573000309
62MM x 42MMPink90AIn Stock889573000316
62MM x 42MMPurple90AOut of Stock889573000323
62MM x 42MMRainbow90AOut of Stock889573000330
62MM x 42MMRed90AIn Stock889573000347
62MM x 42MMWhite90AIn Stock889573000354
62MM x 42MMYellow90AIn Stock889573000361

Speed Master Abec 7 bearings

7MMIn Stock889573001641
8MMIn Stock889573001641

ROCK Jam Plugs

BlackOut of Stock
BlueIn Stock
ClearIn StockNot Available Online. Item Discontinued.
GreenIn Stock
PinkIn Stock
PurpleOut of Stock
RedOut of Stock
WhiteOut of Stock
YellowOut of Stock
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VNLA Freestyle Boots
Sure-Grip Probe Plates
Sure-Grip Probe Trucks
Cosmic SuperFly Speed Wheels
Speed Master Abec 7 bearings
ROCK Jam Plugs
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